Mansard Loft Conversion

A mansard attic extension is the most stylish way to improve your home, create more living space and increase the value of your property.

A mansard attic extension is refined and elegant. It is fittingly named after French architect Louis Mansart who was renowned for his chic, architectural designs.

We think even Mr Mansart would be impressed with the design and quality of the mansard attic expansions we do.

Benefits of a mansard attic expansion

  • You gain a whole new floor of living space in your home
  • A mansard substantially increases the value of your property
  • Looks as great from the outside as it feels inside
  • The space gained through a mansard is akin to a regular room
  • A mansard seamlessly blends into your property

A mansard described

A mansard is not the cheapest roof refurbishment option. It’s a value for money way to add a whole new top floor in your home.

A mansard adds a new dimension to exclusive London homes. Mansards are often added to larger properties in London’ suburbs.

To construct a mansard attic expansion, one of your roof’s surfaces is replaced with a completely new structure. The new mansard structure boasts near vertical walls and a flat ceiling.

The walls of a mansard do have a slight tilt (72 ) which is barely noticeable. The reason for the tilt is; it enables the walls to be classified as roof surfaces by local authorities.

A mansard usually requires planning permission. We quickly obtain this for you. A mansard also requires a fair bit of construction work. .

Which properties can accommodate a mansard attic extension?

  • Detached properties
  • Semis
  • Terraced houses
  • Bungalows

Traditional uses of a mansard attic extension:-

A mansard gives your home an extra floor of space. Many of our customers use this space to give their grown up kids a home of their own. A mansard provides a solution to the difficulty of getting on the property ladder.

Other customers were faced with the dilemma of what to do with aging parents. A mansard gave them space to accommodate their parents. The parents gained a comfortable home and are surrounded by family; without losing their privacy and independence.

Many of our customers use their mansard home extension to increase their monthly income. These savvy customers are benefiting from around £1500 a month in rent.

We are the capital’s leading mansard extension experts

We utilise our expertise to complete your mansard as quickly as possible and with the least mess and disruption imaginable.

We have added an extra floor to thousands of homes across London. We only employ qualified and motivated staff. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction. We are proud of the way our mansards enhance the skyline.

We go beyond refurbishing attics. We aim to improve the lives of local families through our work. We create local jobs. We are committed to preserving London’s character for future generations.

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